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Let’s unravel the benefits and limitations of the Amex Financial Relief Program!

“My advice is to treat [credit cards] like what they are: little plastic grenades that must be handled very carefully.” – Elizabeth Warren

Did you miss out on some of your credit card payments in the past two years? Don’t worry; you are not alone! 75% Of Americans have missed credit card payments post-COVID, as Forbes survey report 2022 suggests. 

Despite the effects of COVID-19 hindering our repayments, we still prefer to use credit cards for financial rewards, payment ease, and to build credit even more. Thus, to put credit card members on track, the American Express financial relief program comes forth with immense benefits for its applicants. 

In this article, we will answer the following question:

Here is a complete Amex relief program review and how it can affect American cardholders.

What is the American Express Financial Relief Program 2023?

American Express’s (Amex) financial relief program helps cardholders regain their financial confidence. Beating too hard can create cracks in steel Amex understood the vulnerability of its card users and came up with a solution.

Amex’s financial relief program aims to restabilize the situation and better spending habits. To do so, Amex provides various rebates, reliefs, and necessary constraints for the users. They aim to subsidize individuals who have been in a tough spot and want to regain their ordinary lives.

Amex’s programs consist of two plans: short-term and long-term. Once you’re all signed up, you will receive monthly tips and updates to progress in the program. These updates will share fantastic learnings to help you keep your finances in check and on the right path.

Upon completing your program, you can take advantage of convenient tools such as AutoPay and account alerts. These tools will assist you in managing your future payments.

Key Benefits

The Amex Relief Program’s primary goal is to provide card members with flexible payment plans and other relief options. It will ease the financial burdens of card members during challenging times.

  • Reduced least monthly payment
  • Lower APR for balances
  • Waived late payment and annual membership fees
  • Reduced spending limit for purchases
  • Restrictions on purchases for certain circumstances

How Does the Amex Financial Relief Program Work?

“Balancing your money is the key to having enough.” With that said, Amex’s financial relief program can work miracles for its participants. You can get 12 – 48 months of repayment relief, waived fees, and reduced interest by appreciating the program.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals can apply for the program. However, considering certain factors like enrollment in the program, delinquency status, or the balance on your card account, Amex will decide the most suitable program for you. Typically, Amex selects eligible candidates with antique account parameters and decent history.

Available Payment Plan Options

The two payment options available in the American Express financial relief program are:

Amex Short-Term Financial Relief Program

If you are eligible for a short-term program, you can use your credit card during the program tenure at reduced limits. However, it only applies if you are not at or over your spending limit before enrolment. 

The program continues for 12 months. So, you can enjoy waived late payment fees and annual membership fees in this tenure.

Amex Long-Term Financial Relief Program

Eligible candidates cannot use their cards to make purchases during this program. However, it provides relief for up to 48 months with waived fees and the least due for the duration of the program.

What Relief Can I Get from the Amex Financial Relief Program?

As the program emphasizes the ‘carrot and stick’ strategy, it offers various benefits to the participants for enhanced financial relief. You can get waived fees, reduced interest rates, and much more. So, let’s discuss the benefits of Amex federal programs for credit card debt relief:

Reduced Least Monthly Payment 

When you enroll, Amex will disclose the specific amount of your last monthly payment, which may be reduced during the program. But it will not affect your credit score as it’s covered under the program. This, in turn, helps ease your financial obligations.

Lower APR for Balances

If you have balances subject to an interest rate, the program will apply a reduced APR unless you already have a lower APR. Thus, it helps lower the cost of carrying balances, making it easier to pay off debts.

Waived Late Payment and Annual Membership Fees

While enrolled in the program, Amex won’t charge you late payments or annual membership fees. Hence, it will save you from extra charges. However, you still have to pay a participation fee. The charges will resume after the program. 

Reduced Spending Limit (Short-Term Plan)

With the short-term payment plan, you can make purchases up to a reduced spending limit. Amex will disclose the specific limit upon enrollment and may adjust it during the program. 

Advantages and Features of Participating in the Federal Programs for Credit Card Debt Relief

Card members can experience reduced monthly payments and APRs by enrolling in the program. This can help free up their cash flow and provide breathing room during challenging times. 

You can contact Amex at 1-866-703-4169 for further details.

What are the Program Requirements?

The only thing the Amex Relief Program requires from you is to follow their terms and conditions in a disciplinary manner. In case of non-compliance, Amex can remove you from the program immediately. It can result in the cancellation of your credit card or at least reinitiation of previous loan terms, fees, and extra charges.

Will Joining the Amex Financial Relief Program Affect Your Credit Score?

Yes, the Amex Financial Relief Program can affect your credit score. Amex curated this plan in such a way that card members must follow all the guidelines once enrolled. Also, it can affect your credit score based on your performance during the program period. However, it’s only meant for disciplinary purposes. 

How can the program negatively impact your credit score?

  • The program may lower your credit limit, impacting your credit score.
  • Amex will report if you fail to follow program terms, lowering your credit score.
  • Removal from the program due to non-compliance may lead to card account cancellation, impacting your credit score.
  • Making payments on time will keep your account reported as current. However, if your account is marked past due even once and you make timely payments after that, the report may say it is past due but not further past due.

Limitations and Restrictions Associated with the Amex Financial Relief Program 2023

Amex Relief Program fulfills its definition and relieves individuals at many levels. Yet, these reliefs come with some limitations and restrictions. 

Participants cannot use their cards for new purchases in the long-term payment plan until they complete the program. Additionally, certain card benefits and features may not be accessible during enrollment. Lastly, if your consumer account is being reported to credit bureaus, you might see a decrease in your credit score.


Is it necessary to settle the balance of an American Express card on a monthly basis?

No, it’s not necessary, yet not recommended as well. Not paying the balance every month will accumulate debt along with its interest. 

Will terminating an Amex card impact my credit score?

No, it doesn’t. It will affect your credit score only if your account has late payments on the outstanding balance.

Upon enrollment in the program, will I retain full access to all the benefits and features of the card?

You cannot retain all the benefits upon enrolment in the program. But you will get some benefits and relief along with a few restrictions on your card. 

Can I still use my Amex credit card while enrolled in the program?

Yes, you can use your Amex credit card in the short-term program with a lowered transaction limit. But you cannot use the card if enrolled in the long-term plan.

Can I opt out of the Amex Long-Term Financial Relief Program if my financial situation improves?

Yes, you can opt out of the Amex Long-Term Financial Relief Program if your financial situation improves.

Final Words

It’s admirable how Amex provides a new opportunity to its card members facing financial challenges. It recognizes and appreciates the partnership and loyalty of its participants. The Financial Relief Program is a testament to this gratitude. Patient and dedicated card members can pamper this opportunity and regain their financial stability and peace of mind.

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