How to Get Cash from Vanilla Gift Card(Top Methods)

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If you have a Vanilla Gift Card with a remaining balance and you’re wondering how to get cash from it, you’re in the right place. Vanilla Gift Cards are a popular choice for gift-giving, but sometimes it can be challenging to use the full value of the card.

In this article, we will provide you with simple and effective ways on how to get cash from Vanilla Gift Card, unlocking the full potential of your gift card.

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How do Vanilla Gift Cards work?

You can use Vanilla Gift Cards just like a debit or credit card. Vanilla Gifts Card has a pre-loaded amount in it; you can only use it. 

There are two mandatory things required to use a Vanilla Gifts Card.

  1. Vanilla Gifts Card number
  2. Security pin code

When making purchases, swipe the card at the point of sale, choose “debit” or “credit,” and enter the PIN.

Activation and Balance Check

The process of Vanilla Gift Card activation is very simple. Here is how you can activate your Vanilla Gifts Card.

  • Go to this link
  • Call on toll-free no (1-833-322-6760) 
  • Use mobile app
  • You must have a Gift Card Number
  • Security code at the back of the card

If you want to check your Vanilla Card balance, call this number (1-833-322-6760) or simply go to this link Enter the following information below.

  • Gift Card’s security code
  • Valid through date
  • Gift Card number

Common Uses and Limitations of Vanilla Gift Cards 

Vanilla Gift Cards are commonly used for:

  • Gifting
  • Online Shopping

In Vanilla Gift Cards there are some limitations. You must know these limitations before purchasing a card. These are:

  • Non-refundable 
  • Can’t retrieve funds from ATM
  • Unable to use the cashback option
  • No perks to it
  • Basic offering
  • Low-interest rates

Can You Get Cash from a Vanilla Gift Card?

There are some limitations to using a Vanilla Gift Card. You can not get cash from Vanilla Gift Card if you can not use an ATM. Secondly, you can not get cashback from any purchase. 

The price range of the Vanilla Gift Card starts from $20 to $500. Its balance never expires, and no additional fee after activation. In the case of a stolen or lost card, replacement is available. 

Benefits of Converting Vanilla Gift Card to Cash

There are many benefits associated with converting Vanilla Gift Card to cash. We will mention here some of the benefits for your understanding. 

  • Flexibility in spending
  • Easy to liquidate
  • No fee deductions and expirations

How to Get Cash from Vanilla Gift Card?

You typically have plenty of options to get cash from a Vanilla Gift Card. You can get cash by either choosing any of the following methods. Let’s discuss all methods one by one. 

Method 1: Add Vanilla Card to Venmo

You can link your Vanilla Gift Card to Venmo by doing the following steps.

1.    Open the Venmo app.
2.    Click the right-most button.
3.    Select the gear option at the top right.
4.    Select payment methods.
5.    From “Add a bank or card” option select “card.”
6.    Enter the Gift card’s information and send transfer.

By using the same procedure, you transfer your Vanilla Gift Card balance to your bank account and then you use the ATM service to withdraw cash.

Here are the steps to link the Vanilla Gift Card with Paypal to withdraw Cash.

  • Open Paypal app
  • Press the “Link a card” tab
  • Enter Vanila’s Card information
  • Select “Send & Request” to send money

Paypal takes 3-5 days to transfer these funds to your bank account, where you can use an ATM to withdraw cash.

Method 3: Purchase Money Order with the Vanilla Gift Card

Here are the steps you can purchase Money Order with a Vanilla Card.

  • Purchase Money Order from Walmart, USPS, or Western Union: You can purchase Money Order by visiting Walmart, USPS, or Western Union if you have a Vanilla Gift Card. Not all stores provide this facility except those mentioned here.
  • Use Vanilla Card to Pay Order: Now you fill the document with your name in the sender and recipient box.
  • Get Cash From Bank: If your Money Order is approved, you can claim your cash into your bank.

Method 4: Exchange card at the Exchange Kiosk

There is another way to get cash from Vanilla Gift Card to use it in any shopping mall or grocery store’s kiosk. You can exchange it with store credit, cash, or another gift card.

Method 5: Sell the Card Manually

You can get cash from Vanilla Gift Card by selling it to your friend or relative at a discounted price.

Method 6: Sell the Vanilla Gift Card Via App

You can sell your Vanilla Gift Card via an App. There is an App named “Prepaid2Cash”, you can install this App on your mobile and use it to sell your card.

Here are the steps to get cash by the “Prepaid2Cash” App.

  • Install the App
  • Select “New Transaction” from the dashboard
  • Select “Prepaid Card”
  • Place your Vanilla Card in the green rectangle
  • Select “Continue Transaction” 
  • Choose how quickly you get your money
  • Enter bank information
  • Submit transaction

You can use these methods to get cash from Vanilla Gift Cards. All methods are secure and safe. However, these are indirect methods of getting cash from your Vanilla Cards because there is no direct method of getting cash from Vanilla available.

  • Add the card to Venmo
  • Add the card to Paypal
  • Purchase Money order
  • Exchange card at the exchange Kiosk
  • Sell the card manually
  • Sell the card via an App
  • Pay bills with Gift Cards

You can choose any option from the above methods according to your needs.

Factors to Consider When Getting Cash from a Vanilla Gift Card

In today’s digital world, gift cards have become popular for gifting occasions. They offer flexibility and convenience, allowing recipients to choose their desired items. 

Three main factors must be considered while getting cash from a Vanilla Gift Card. 

Let’s see what those key factors are. 

  • Fee: When cashing out a Vanilla Gift Card, you must know of any associated fees.  There are no fees other than activation fees associated with Vanilla Gift Card. 
  • Security: The security of your funds is paramount when dealing with any financial transaction, including cashing out a Vanilla Gift Card. Vanilla Gift Cards are completely secure.    
  • Reliability: There are various methods to get cash from Vanilla Gift Card, some of which have been discussed in this article. For instance, using Venmo, Paypa/, and App, etc., are reliable and secure methods to get cash from Vanilla Gift Cards.

Vanilla Gift Card Fraud Prevention in 2023

It is important to protect your gift card while making any online transaction. However, with the rise in online transactions, it is crucial to stay vigilant and adopt proactive measures to prevent fraud. 

Fraudsters employ various tactics to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Common scams include:

  • Phishing Scams: Be cautious of emails, texts, or phone calls requesting gift card codes or personal information. Legitimate organizations like Vanilla will never ask for this information directly.
  • Brute Force: It is a hacking method to steal login/credential information by test and trial methods.
  • Malware: It is software installed on the computer. This software is used to steal passwords from computers.  It performed malicious actions. 
  • Hacking: Hacking is a method in which devices like mobile phones, tablets, radars, networks, and satellites are misused. Their software gets corrupted in order to steal information. 
  • Cyber Attacking: Cyber attack disables computers and networks to steal information. When you buy online you must confirm the reputation of buyers. You must protect your personal information like pin codes, debit or credit card passwords etc.


Can you get cash from a Visa gift card?

No, you can not get direct cash from a Visa Gift Card. 

Does the Vanilla Visa gift card expire?

No, a Vanilla Visa Gift Card does not expire after activation. 

Where can you use a Vanilla gift card?

You can use a Vanilla Gift Card anywhere a Mastercard is accepted. 


In this article, we discussed the Vanilla Gift Card. understand its basics and various methods to get cash from it. In addition, we learned what are the advantages of using it, and what factors to consider before making any transaction. Lastly, we discussed what security threats we need to be aware of.

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