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Does Dave work with Cash App? The answer is yes. You can easily link your Dave and Cash App accounts together, making transfers and managing your finances a breeze on these two popular platforms.

In this article, we’ll simplify the connection between Dave and Cash App for you. Let’s figure out if they play nicely together!

Benefits of Linking Cash App Account With Dave App

Linking your Cash App to the Dave app simplifies personal finance. Here’s what you gain:

  • Cash Advances: Through Dave, access short-term funds directly in your Cash App, helping during tight financial spots.
  • Instant Transfers: Move money between accounts swiftly, allowing for instant payments without long waits.
  • Budget Tracking: With Dave’s tools, monitor spending and set suitable limits, ensuring you stick to your financial plans.
  • Unified Management: Manage transactions and monitor funds in one place, reducing the hassle of multiple apps.

How Does Dave App Integrate With Cash App?

To easily access cash advances, link your Cash App to the Dave app. Here’s how:

  1. Open Cash App and go to ‘Linked Accounts’.
  2. Add your Dave Spending account details.

Note: Instant deposits from Cash App to Dave Debit Mastercard® aren’t accepted. Use standard bank transfers to Dave, which may take up to 5 business days.

  1. Once linked, transferring money between apps is simple. You can move funds to/from your Dave and Cash App accounts.

In short, linking both apps streamlines money management, but remember, instant deposits from Cash App to Dave aren’t supported. Use ACH transfers instead.

If you wanna connect both apps on Dave, you can check the below video:

Does Dave Work With Cash App For A Cash Advance?

Linking Dave App with Cash App provides an easy way to access cash advances. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Set up both your Dave and Cash App accounts with linked bank details.
  2. If you have Dave’s spending account and debit card, transferring money between the apps becomes straightforward.
  3. Request a cash advance in Dave, and with a few clicks, it’s in your Cash App, giving immediate access to funds.
  4. This setup also streamlines receiving and making payments between the two apps, ensuring you always have funds at hand.

Integrating Dave with Cash App simplifies finances, cash advances, and instant transfers. Just ensure both accounts are well-configured for smooth transactions.

How to Transfer Money from Cash App to Dave

Once your Dave spending account is linked to Cash App, you can transfer money between the two platforms with ease. Here’s how you can transfer money from Cash App to your Dave Spending account:

  1. Go back to the ‘Banking’ tab on Cash App.
  2. Select ‘Transfer Balance.’
  3. Choose your Dave Spending account from the list of linked accounts.
  4. Enter the desired amount you wish to transfer and confirm.

Remember, it may take up to 5 business days for the transferred funds to appear in your Dave Spending account due to the standard ACH transfer processing time.

By following these steps, you can successfully transfer your money from Cash App to Dave and manage your finances more efficiently. Make sure to keep an eye on your Dave Spending account balance for the transferred funds to reflect.

Can I borrow Money from Dave with a Cash App Account?

Yes, you can link your Dave and Cash App accounts for easier money transfers and payments. Make sure you have a Dave spending account and debit card for this to work smoothly. However, remember:

  • Cash App can’t instantly deposit to your Dave Debit Mastercard®. Instead, use regular bank transfers to your Dave Spending account. These may take 5 business days.
  • Beyond borrowing, Dave has a savings Goals account. Here, you can set aside money for future plans, like trips or emergencies, using funds from other bank accounts or Dave’s checking account. Check out NerdWallet’s review to dive deeper into Dave App’s features.

Remember to use your Dave and Cash App smartly!  Both are great tools for managing your finances, but it’s important for you to keep an eye on your transactions and repayment dates to stay on top of your financial game.

Alternatives of Dave

If you’re considering using Dave for cash advances, you might want to explore some other options as well. There are several alternatives that might better fit your needs, and we’ll discuss some of them here.

  • Earnin: a popular alternative as it allows you to access your earned income before payday without any fees or interest. You can simply download the Earnin app, link your bank account, and request an advance on your paycheck. This is a great option if you need instant cash without waiting for your salary to arrive.
  • Brigit: another excellent choice, especially if you’re looking for flexible repayment options. This app offers cash advances and also includes budgeting tools that help you track your expenses and manage your money effectively.
  • Chime: known for its overdraft feature called SpotMe, which covers your purchases when your account balance is low. In addition to offering overdraft protection, it has a suite of banking services, making it an excellent alternative to Dave.
  • MoneyLion: not only a platform for cash advances, but it also offers credit-builder loans, which can help you boost your credit score.
  • Varo: offers banking services and budgeting tools, provides cash advances, and has additional features designed to support your financial well-being. 
  • Empower: delivers advanced budgeting solutions and financial insights, extends cash advances, and comes equipped with features tailored to boost your financial health.
AppCash Advance AmountCash Advance Fee
DaveUp to $500$1 per month membership fee;Express fees range from $1.99 to $9.99, depending on the size of your advance
EarninUp to $100 per day or $750 per pay periodOptional fast-funding fee: $1.99 to $4.99.Optional tip: Up to $14 per advance.
MoneylionUp to $500No monthly fee, no interest, and no credit check;optional fees for fast-funding: $0.49 to $8.99optional tips: per $5 to $100 advance.
EmpowerUp to $250Subscription fee: $8, or $0 if you opt out.Optional fast-funding fee: $1 to $8.Optional tip: Up to 20% per advance
ChimeUp to $200No fee when you use your card at in-network ATMs.
VaroUp to $250$0 to $15 depending on the amount of the advance
EvenUp to 50% of the wage in a pay periodOnly $8 per month membership fee
BranchUp to 50% of the wage in a pay period, and up to $1,000No fee for standard delivery;$2.99 to $4.99 express fee for instant delivery

Note: The above source data is the official website data in September 2023. The data may change due to official website adjustments. Please refer to the official website data. This is not professional financial advice. Consulting a financial advisor about your particular circumstances is best.

When choosing an alternative to Dave, you should consider the specific features that each app provides, and which app best suits your financial needs and preferences. With these options in mind, you’re sure to find the right cash advance app for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dave’s Debit Card Be Used With Cash App?

Yes, if you have a Dave Debit Mastercard, you can use it with Cash App. However, please note that Cash App instant deposits to your Dave Debit Mastercard are not accepted. Standard bank transfers (ACH) to your Dave Spending account should be available in up to 5 business days.

What Are The Fees For Using Dave With Cash App?

There are no specific fees listed for using Dave with Cash App. However, it’s essential to be aware of the fees associated with both services independently. Dave has a monthly subscription fee, while Cash App may charge fees for certain transactions like instant transfers.

Can Dave Be Used To Receive And Send Money Through Cash App?

Yes, by connecting your Dave account to your Cash App account, you can send and receive money through Cash App. Please follow the app-specific guidelines for successful transactions.

Can I Use Dave Card with Cash App?

If you have a Dave debit card, you can use it with Cash App. Connecting your Dave card to Cash App allows you to use it as a funding source for transactions within the app.

Can You Use a Cash App Account to Get Loans?

Currently, Cash App does not offer loans. It is primarily a money-transferring and digital wallet service.

Can I Receive Payday Loans Through Cash App?

Cash App does not offer payday loans. However, some payday loan providers may allow you to receive loan funds through Cash App. Check with the loan provider for details on payment options.

Is There a Bank Affiliation Between Dave and Cash App?

There is no direct bank affiliation between Dave and Cash App. These are separate services provided by different companies. Dave works with most banks for transactions, while Cash App is affiliated with Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings Bank to provide their Cash App debit card services.

Can I Borrow Money Using Cash App and Dave App Together?

Dave’s app provides small cash advances to help you cover expenses until your next payday. While you can link your Dave account with Cash App, borrowing money using both services together depends on the specific features each app offers.

Is it Possible to Pay Bills Using Cash App and Dave App?

With Cash App, you can make payments or send money to individuals, but paying bills directly through the app is not available. Dave app, on the other hand, focuses on providing cash advances and budgeting tools. To pay bills, you may need to use another service or app that supports bill payments.

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