About Daisy

Hi, I’m Daisy. I am so happy to meet you online!

Over the years, I’ve carved out a niche for myself as a financial writer, advisor, and entrepreneur. You might have seen my articles on Inc, Forbes, or other big financial news sites. I love making hard financial ideas easy for everyone to understand.

My academic journey began at Ohio State University where I earned my Bachelor’s in Finance. Hungry for more, I then headed to the Anderson School of Management to attain my Master’s in Finance. This education has equipped me with a broad understanding, allowing me to delve into everything from global financial trends to individual financial planning.

Beyond writing, I’ve always had the heart of an entrepreneur. I’ve ventured into several startups, each reflecting my passion and vision for the financial sector. These endeavors are a testament to my constant drive to innovate and bring fresh solutions to old financial challenges.

Whether I’m putting pen to paper, offering financial guidance, or kickstarting a new venture, I’m fueled by one core mission: to arm both individuals and organizations with the knowledge they need to realize their financial dreams.

With my diverse background, I aim to be the person people turn to when they’re navigating the intricate world of finance.

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